May 13, 2022


7:00pm, Friday May 13
Salon, Melbourne Recital Centre

Tickets $37 ($30), book through the Melbourne Recital Centre

Richard Barrett  imprints (2019-22)  7’
for tenor saxophone, percussion, piano, electric lap steel guitar, violin and violoncello

Cat Hope  The Long Now II (2022)  8’30”
for solo bass flute and subtone

Richard Barrett  all night invisibility flickers on & off visibly (natural causes VI) – duo 2 (2021-22)  12’
for soprano saxophone and electronic keyboard

Jakob Bragg  tor (2022)  14’
for recorder(s), two flutes, percussion and violoncello

Mary Bellamy  Rift (2020)  8’
for percussion, harp and contrabass

Charlie Sdraulig  Ground (2018-19)  8′
for amplified trumpet in C and trombone

Richard Barrett  after (2022)  15’
improvisation for solo violoncello, electronic sounds and three or more instruments