April 20, 2019


Saturday April 20th, 8pm
Paine Hall, Harvard University
Cambridge, Boston

Julio Zuniga stars from the earth stars from the stars (2018-19) 11′ for Eb clarinet/bass and electronics

James Bean For Mood Indigo ca. 1:48.338–1:49.416 (2018-19) 15′ for oboe, clarinet, violoncello, contrabass and electronics

Max Murray  Sötétség ad Meridiem, Ad Marginem des Versuchs (2018-19) 6′ for oboe, Eb clarinets and live electronics

Adi Snir Charasim VI- stratigraphy (2018-19) 11′ for oboe, violoncello, contrabass and electronics

Zeynep Toraman new, old and previously unexhibited (2018-19) 15′ for bass clarinet, oboe, violoncello and electronics

Sonja Mutic flesh (2019) 13′ for amplified violoncello and contrabass

Lorenzo Troiani Hier bin ich unfassbar (0218-19) 10′ for violoncello and electronics