April 22, 2018


Sunday April 22nd, 3:00pm
Melba Hall, Parkville, Melbourne

Liza Lim An ocean beyond earth (2016) 16′
for solo violoncello with violin

Dominik Karski Motion and form (2003) 8’
for percussion, harp and contrabass

Evan Johnson three reversed movements, to bring destroyed objects back to life [2014] 4’
for solo piano

Annie Hui-Hsin Hsieh The thin air between skins (2007) 10’
for flute and violoncello

Séverine Ballon  cloches fendues I and II (2017) 13′
for solo violoncello

Timothy McCormack Kiln 2 (rev 2017-18) 35’
for bass clarinet, percussion, contrabass

Admission free, book tickets online